Monday, July 24, 2006

Sand Mandala Detail

Most of the green garden's circle is laid down now and being populated by fish and fountains, clouds, elephants, horses, goats, meditating people, flames and other less identifiable images like this one. This design is the most '3-D' element on the mandala so far, the centre of each circle rises up spherically and the stripes in the middle are also quite high. I don't know if you can tell in this close-up but there are two grades of sand being used, coarse and fine.

It's the final week now, next Sunday they will sweep up all the sand and offer it into running water nearby. I'm finding it very helpful to be focusing on the impermanent nature of all things. Even though pleasurable things like the mandala are short lived, so are sucky things like PMT.

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E said...


Thanks for the exceptional images.
The Monks would make great cake decorators!
Really looking forward to seeing the final masterpiece.