Friday, August 18, 2006

Vanity and the Low Maintenance Haircut

The first hour is always the worst after a new haircut. I think it's the lingering trauma of being forced to stare for 30 minutes into a mirror at my unadulterated face propped on top of a cape. No softening of its roundness with hair or clothes, no escaping all the features I avoid in the quick dance around mirrors at home to ensure I'm presentable with as little attention as possible.

This lengthy session of self-regard makes it difficult to feel anything but disappointed when the new hairdo fails to have made my face look any different. The hopeful magic promised by the NEW LOOK articles in women's magazines has not worked, again. I'm still me with the big cheeks and rough skin. Worst of all, that moment of truth is the one when I have to tell the hairdresser what I think of their work. It's impossible to blurt "It's awful" especially when I remember that the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is but 2 weeks, and that it will look completely different when I have washed it and let it dry naturally. So I feign enthusiasm and pay my money.

This time I fled to Narnia afterwards for comfort and sure enough the glad cries, the compliments, the fussing and playing with hair, the enthusiasm for its styling potential got me through that rough worst hour. An hour of not looking in the mirror and of letting my hair relax into its own response to being thinned out was enough for me to start feeling ok about it. After a wash I might even like it enough to post a photo.


E said...

This brought tears to my eyes M.
To see my dear friend bemoaning her exquisite facial features cut me up - it was like hearing someone putting down someone dear to me - someone whose cheshire smile and matching eyes I miss seeing.
Even though I would trade my face for yours as soon as I could get you to sign the consent form, I understand exactly your anguish - and that's why I have no hair at all...

Jane in Dunedin said...

I second E's comments! Rough Skin???? You must be looking through glazed mirrors!
But of course I can well understand the sentiments. I have actually been reduced to cutting my own hair lately - not even having $25 to spend on the "luxury" of Just Cuts! Luckily with curly hair like mine it is pretty hard to see where mistakes may have been made as my curls never look uniform in any case. But I now have to resist the temptation to keep on snipping every other day to "even things up". Maybe E has the solution and i should use Ian's hair trimmer - a no. 2 or 3 all over perhaps?