Monday, October 09, 2006

New Look

Don't be frightened, it's still the same blog, just a different outfit.

Giddy with the illusion of techno-competence created by simply carrying a 3G phone around, I dared to jump up to Beta-Blogger and play with Bibliophilia's layout after leaving it untouched for the past 22 months and 362 posts. I will no doubt keep fiddling with it now that it's so much easier to do (no more laborious HTML manipulations, just button clicking fun).

I wanted a look that is easy on the eye, but also fresh and cheerful. Did I get it right for your browser? Let me know.


E said...

As it loaded my first reaction was WOW!
The new look feels really light and edible. I like it.
I put shopping on Beta and the formating suits the book but the only draw back for me is that whatever profile you create on Beta, is the profile that will be on all your Beta blogs if you have more than one. Other than that, I love it too.

Don't we just lurrrrv technology...

Jane in Dunedin said...

Looks wonderful, Meliors, a great spring green - soothing and yet invigorating. I like the font, too! Well done, you