Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sagittarian seeks stable home

It is commonplace to hear or read New Zealanders saying 'Housing prices are so high now, I feel sorry for anyone trying to buy their first house these days'. The sympathy is always offered by someone who already owns a house with equity that has increased by many tens of thousands in the past three years and that I assume they would try to sell for the highest possible price (who wouldn't?).

I appreciate your sympathy, really I do. I thought you might be interested to know what it feels like to be in the position of wanting to enter the property market from scratch right now.

My tight budget is entirely oriented towards this goal yet no matter how disciplined my saving, house prices rise faster than my bank balance. Every week I cycle through hope, disappointment and despair as I come up with a new scheme for purchasing a property on a shoestring, investigate the realities of said scheme and face yet again the apparent reality that even the most distant and divey of super-cheapies are out of my reach and to feel minimally safe, comfortable and able to get to work and back in less than a day is way, way beyond my means.

When I tell real estate agents how much I think I can afford (and I always exaggerate slightly), they laugh and then hang up the phone as fast as possible. This was without exception until Val from Kamo Real Estate cold-called me this week and said she liked a challenge and told me she'd been in the same position not that long ago. I am now in a hope phase thanks to her and Mal, the tutor of the home ownership course I am taking.

My current hope phase is perfectly in tune with this week's Sagittarius horoscope from Rob Brezny: "Be ready to imagine the unimaginable, see the unseeable, and think the unthinkable... with the most optimistic attitude possible... the almost unbelievable prospects coming into your sphere are interesting and invigorating."

The apparent reality of the housing market presents as a blank wall but I choose to, have to, decide to, believe that there is a chink somewhere for an optimistic Sagittarian willing to imagine the unimaginable, see the unseeable and think the unthinkable.

Bring it on home!


E said...

Hey Meliors
Maybe you could build a monthly advert into your budget.
Wanted: A First Home Breakthrough etc. You would be amazed how many philanthropists there are out there who are looking for a worthy cause. I know in the past, when I have wanted to get rid of one of my houses, if I had seen an ad like that, I would have leapt at it!!

meika said...

yes it the same in Tasmania now too, 6 years ago no one was buying at all, and then we had no cash at all

Jane in Dunedin said...

In the same place, girlfriend, and currently trying to find exactly what the banks will lend, exactly what my repayments would be, and whether the maintenance required on the house I could afford was worth it/affordable or whether staying renting is the most economical alternative.... *sigh* even finding a rental place I would want to spend more than one year in trying at the moment!

Kia Kaha!