Friday, April 27, 2007

Busy busy

Since my last post I have:
  • driven from Whangarei to Hamilton and back
  • flown from Hamilton to Wellington and back
  • marvelled at the warm, fine weather everywhere I went
  • made a detailed plan for the next book I will print
  • spent over $400 on groceries
  • made 155 lamingtons, 70 asparagus rolls, 38 chicken rolls, 38 stuffed eggs and uncountable other party finger foods
  • gave a speech at my daughter's 21st birthday party
  • helped to facilitate a Cardy family reunion
  • enjoyed seeing friends and family from all over New Zealand who came to celebrate
  • been overwhelmed by support I received, especially from Al, Eleanor, Martha, Norman, Rena, Philippa, Liz and Bob
  • listened twice to the best radio drama I've ever heard: April 25th, A True Fiction
  • enjoyed the first installments of Prime Suspect and this year's Reith Lectures (Jeffrey Sachs)
  • borrowed 12 books from 1 library and 3 friends (I am an addict, but a responsible one)
  • chased four heifers around the orchard, discovered why the electric fence wasn't working and fixed it
Before my next post, I plan to:
  • finish teaching notes for a class on making books and boxes
  • print the cover, title page and colophon of CAPACIOUS
  • paste, fold and sew the book blocks for CAPACIOUS
  • pack for the next house sit and sort out my paper for storage
  • complete the next stage of readying house and garden for the owner's return.
So that's why today's post is just lists. Sorry.

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Jane in Dunedin said...

Would love to read your speech for the big 2 1! Sorry been self-involved with new job etc and forgot to drop you a line of congratulations for both you and Louise!