Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Picture Postcards

Thanks to Liz and her gorgeous camera we have images! Here is the Addicted to Capitalism collector's edition (including envelope).

Read all about it below...

This one has my favourite text...

And this one has my favourite ornament...


Kimberly Kay said...


I LOVE these cards! It was so difficult to give them away this weekend...but I did slip them into some fantastic book choices. Beautiful work, as always, Meliors!

your Cuz

E said...

I just got home from my little reconnaisance at Wellington Public.
It was hard - not being sprung that is. Suddenly I felt like everyone was looking at me and every shelf had inbuilt cameras - but that's what made it sooo much FUN!
I found the pornography ones tough though - I was very aware that I was an agent for your fine name and I didn't want to take any risks of misinterpretation so I'm going to go back and do them this weekend.
I couldn't find any of the books you suggested on the system so I just roamed the shelves picking relevant titles trying not to laugh!
I'll be your little stool pidgeon anytime Meliors!!

PS: The image of the cards and envelope doesn't do the envelope enough justice - it's so beautiful with its embossing and the way it secures