Thursday, September 27, 2007

Learning Curves

Talking with my mother this evening I realised that in both my paid work and my creative work I am immersed in hugely steep learning curves. I spend six days a week in intensely challenging and rewarding learning environments.
In both the planning office and the print studio it feels like there are quite high stakes riding on my ability to learn fast and produce high quality work. No wonder I've been quite tired and a bit cranky lately.
Sometimes I just don't have the energy to wax lyrical about the good things I've experienced and even less energy for finding a good humoured irony to describe the inevitable disappointments and challenges of working at outer edge of my abilities. Sometimes I have to fall back on my policy of 'if you can't write something positive, beautiful, witty, informative or hopeful then don't write anything'. Sometimes blog posts never leave my imagination or have a chance to expand out from a scribbled sentence in my journal.
Just so you know I may or may not get round to posting about:
  • an account of my visit to NorthArt Gallery and the Bookworks exhibition which is on in Northcote, Auckland until 3 October.
  • the story of the runaway Ossi cat (now returned to the lap of luxury and catnip treats)
  • a review of The Book As Art, my pick as the book-about-artist's-books book of the year
  • the full body book I'm working on
  • the paper bag proof subscription series
  • my new mp3 player (another steep (though short) learning curve but so very very good)
  • Spring Cleaning Day at TKPT (7 October, do come along and help if you are in town!)
  • Deep Economy, electric cars and sci fi novels
  • local body elections
  • Magnolias, kowhai and port wine trees
If you like, you can use the comments function to vote for which of these posts you would most like to read, which might help motivate me to write it.

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nĂºria said...

the book as art, please!