Thursday, July 10, 2008

Azure Kingfisher

The guppy population in the fishpond at Rainforest Hideaway is kept under control by this Azure Kingfisher, who with his short tail and brilliant colours, is a frequent treat for visiting birdwatchers. The goldfish are too big for his beak and are so blase about his hunting that they will swim right underneath his perch. The red streak in the water next to the bird's reflection is a goldfish swimming past in the photo above. The kingfisher is, in turn, so blase about people that one day he swooped in right in front of our lunch table to catch a guppy less than a metre from us.

The opening in the forest created by the big fish pond lets more sun in than is found anywhere else on the site, which makes it an extra appealing place to sit. But even on overcast days, the setting is so beautiful and the birds and fish (not to mention occasional passing Lace Monitors) are so watchable, that the gazebo on the water is my favourite spot (where I was sitting when I took these photos).


Carol said...

Fabulous photo of the kingfisher. It just looks such a wonderful place, I can't imagine why I've never made the trip up north. I am enjoying seeing it through your eyes and hope I can someday get there in person.

kateshuttleworth said...

What a beautiful kotare.