Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grand Opening of the Bibliophilia Shop

Its not all just walking on the beach and writing poetry in the trees here at Cape Tribulation. Since the rainforest has proved to be an unsuitable environment for making books I have diverted some of my creative energy into establishing (a long overdue) online shop to sell my favourite books I've made in the past four years.

My shop, which is also called Bibliophilia, is proudly located in the Etsy marketplace, a fabulous internet emporium of handcrafted goods from people all over the world. Having Etsy bookmarked on your computer is like have 24 hour access to the biggest, grooviest, art and craft market you can imagine.

I warmly invite you to click through and visit the Bibliophilia shop. More items will be added over time, and if you see anything featured on this blog that you think should be listed in the shop, please let me know by email.

Big Storm

To celebrate the opening of the Bibliphilia shop I have freshened up the look of this blog- since I learned how to create a banner for my shop, I thought I'd make use of it here as well. The colours and images I've used echo some of my most favourite letterpress projects, which featured in the Domestic Pilgrimage exhibition last November, and are now available for the first time with a simple click of the mouse.

Do the Dishes


Jane in Dunedin said...

Hey wow! Both Blog and Shop look awesome! Well done, Meliors!


Carol said...

Congratulations on setting up your Etsy shop. I hope you do really well. Big Storm and Do the Dishes look beautiful. I like your new banner. You're obviously not marking time up there in the rainforest.

Jay Dee said...

Hi Meliors, great to see your etsy shop up and running - it looks fantastic! Haven't dropped into your blog in a while so lovely to see your enjoying Cape Trib!