Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Daintree Calling- The Film

I recently had the good fortune to participate in a project to learn digital storytelling. Through my involvement in Art Makers 'Glass Hedgehog' project, I was buddied with Dylan Calhane, a talented third year computer design student at Waikato University. Dylan applied his digital design skills to turning my photographs, painted paper collages and words into a beautiful video poem. You can see the results of our collaboration below.

Dylan is not only talented and knowlegable, but also a generous teacher. Although the techniques of the 3D animation he was creating in AfterEffects went totally over my head, it wasn't for lack of his patient explanation and demonstration. I did absorb heaps of Photoshop tips while preparing the paper collages and photographs, and enough basic digital storytelling techniques to have sparked an appetite to make lots more video poems on my own.

Dylan and his classmates in the Computer Graphic Design Degree are having their Degree Project Exhibition this week at the New Place Theatre at the University of Waikato. If you are near the campus, I recommend checking it out.


Carol said...

Now that is a really beautiful way to celebrate your time in the Daintree. Congratulations.

Ngaio said...

What a beautiful, enlightening piece, the colours are so vibrant - I could feel the steamy jungle. .

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - again!
You keep going from strength to strength and now I realise there is absolutely no limit to your creativity.
This bought tears to my eyes Meliors x

Kakariki said...

It's gorgeous! Great work team! Makes me wanna go visit so badly!