Monday, September 07, 2009

i'm not sure i can do this right now

In the past week I have started as the Hamilton Girls High School/Waikato Sunshine Rotary Writer in Residence; sewn another 100 books on commission, attended a friend and student's funeral, attended the National Contemporary Art Awards, moved house with my two flatmates, discovered that the gas isn't on at the new house (no hot water or cooking), went to my parents' for dinner and a shower, and thankfully was there to help them deal with a spectacular burst pipe flooding three booklined rooms ankle deep in water. The incredible outpouring of water and consequent indoor lake was like a physical manifestation of feeling overwhelmed by the pileup of major events in the past 8 days.

There is a lengthy/illustrated/entertaining/poignant blog post crying out to be written for each of the above items. But here's the thing, my internet access is patchy at best right now what with the move, and new starts and all. This visit to the public library's free wireless is possibly my only opportunity to rehearse and prepare for my solo performances of User Profile, in the 090909 Upstage Festival in a couple of days.

When my internet access is resolved and I have gotten through the next couple of days of classes, unpacking, and (hopefully) online performing, I promise I will make it all up to you, with posts, pictures, and maybe even a new poem.

090909 UpStage Festival Preview from UpStage on Vimeo.

User Profile is the blue image in the centre of the montage you'll see in the video


Kay said...

Wow! THAT is a lot to contend with ... a lot! Hope it all goes well from here on in.

helen varley jamieson said...

i knew things were hectic with moving house, but i'm glad i didn't know the full extent of your hecticity just before 090909!! congratulations on being an NCAA finalist & even bigger congratulations on your wonderful cyberformance debut with "user profile" at 090909 - much enjoyed & appreciated by audiences around the world. love, helen : )