Saturday, October 03, 2009

White Tim Tams

Some time ago, I can't remember exactly when, I casually entered an online competition to be one of the first to taste a new Tim Tam flavour, and then promptly forgot about it, and moved house.

So when a large shiny red box turned up on the doorstep, slightly waterlogged from the rain, I had no idea what would be in it, not even with the Arnotts logo on the top as a huge clue. The box had gone to the old address and sat on the porch through days of rain until an old neighbour brought it round to our new address (my attempts to get NZPost to redirect our mail are proving completely unsuccessful- still!).

Opening up the red I found that I was one of the lucky 25 winners getting a taste preview of Tim Tam White. My answer to the skill question, why should I be one of the first tasters, had made extravagent promises about taste testing with my flatmates and then blogging about it to my many readers. So I did and I am.

After dinner, we made cups of tea all round and then ceremoniously reopened the box to admire the excessively beautiful packaging: a nest of straw and gold tissue nestling a single packet. Opening the packet itself, White Tim Tams are the expected creamy colour of all good white chocolate. All three of us having a strong preference for chocolate of varying shades of brown, we first aired our fears for this white chocolate experience: that it would be too sickly sweet.

We were most pleasantly surprised by the mild and delicious White Tim Tam.
"Better than I expected" said Matt.
"Not too overpowering" said Adrienne.

Adrienne bravely offered to test the Tim Tam's suitability for the contemporary dipping method. Biting off the chocolate sealing each end of the biscuit, she dipped one into her mug of tea and sucked up the beverage through the airholes in biscuit.
" 'smuch sweeter like this" she mumbled.
"What's sweeter? The Tim Tam or the tea?" we asked, but her Tim Tam was collapsing into slush in her fingers and I never found out the answer.

After eating two each, we all agreed it had been a lovely experience, but that the Caramel or Creme Brulee Tim Tams would still be our first choice.
"White chocolate has its place," mused Matt generously.
"Where would that be?"I wondered.
"At a chocolate biscuit party, with a selection of flavours available" suggested Adrienne.
We all thought that such a party would be a very good idea.

"Would you buy White Tim Tams again?" I asked the others.
"Every now and then" said Matt.
"Probably not," said Adrienne. "But I really appreciate the creativity of the flavour development, especially when I can try them for free!"
And I agree.

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Carol said...

Creme Brulee! What have I been missing?