Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mexican Train Dominoes

I'm having a bit of a break from stitching and other creativity while I focus on generating some reliable income to support future art activities. For these few weeks I'm doing fulltime work at a computer which means that the last thing I want to do in the rest of my time is more computer- so blogging, twitter and facebook are all neglected. And while I would love to do some stitching and making, I can rarely summon the energy and focus to trust myself on anything that matters. Plus I need to rest my hands from all that typing.

Thus I am finding myself at an unfamiliar loose end in the weekends. I understand it's what's considered leisure time: this non-productive, unstructured couple of days, when my sole goal is to stockpile energy, clean clothes and easy food for the coming week.

Besides cooking ahead and doing laundry; taking lots of naps on the bed, the sofa or the hammock (thanks Matt); and daydreaming endlessly about the live-in studio I move to in a couple of weeks; I have also been playing games. For example, Mexican Train Dominoes with Anna. Very good fun. Almost fun enough to compensate for having been airlifted out of my Antarctic adventures for a few very hot and humid weeks of regular working life.

NB Full time work will give way to part time work later in February,when I will resume my usual activities, and blogging about them. Meanwhile, you can look forward to the occasional post about something unrelated.


Joan said...

Good to hear you are well ..and busy!
I keep an eye on your blog and was becoming a bit concerned. But all is well. The new studio sounds great. All the best for 2010.

Carol said...

Just looked up the rules, sounds like fun. Wonder can I play it with a three year old? Full time work sounds far less inviting than your past year but money does help with good living. Look forward to seeing you back in Antarctica.

Keith said...

I have a 4 yr old daughter and upon reading your blog tried her t learn dominoes. She got interested and is now learning more strategies as we go along.

The Mag House said...

In love dominoe but not as much as chess.