Sunday, June 05, 2011


A contribution from Ampersand Duck, a letterpress printer based in Canberra, Australia

Two and a half years ago I conceived and launched a collaborative journal project called Response. I made a blank sketch book and invited friends and strangers to contribute a page or two. The book has finally returned to me, with collage, printing, writing, drawing, and paper crafts inside its covers.

Inside the book's front cover are the directions for participating in the journal project.

Response has its own blog, and I will be posting photos of the entire collaborative journal over the coming weeks, along with my own responses to the project. It is extraordinarily exciting to have completed a collaboration involving 10-13 people in 5 countries! The final stage of the project will be to edition the book so all the contributors can have a copy to keep. After that, I might make another blank book, to send out into the world as Response II.

The first pages were created in Melbourne in 2009.


Joan said...

That is so wonderful. How wonderful to end up with a copy of the journal!
The verification word here is quall. Do you think i could quall-ify to join in one day?

Antico Valore said...

everything is special and wonderful here!
I love absolutly your work!