Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lucky number 7

Today is the 7th birthday of this blog, Bibliophilia. Each year the quantity of posts is a little less than the previous year, but I'm proud that I've been keeping it going for so long without resorting to (much) repetition or memes or posts made up entirely of links. I like to think that Bibliophilia offers original content-rich consistency, if not reliable frequency.

There's certainly a small but intensely loyal cadre of readers who occasionally tell me how much they like what I do here.  They tend not to comment much, and as I am an infrequent commenter on other people's blogs, its no more than I deserve. One advantage of not being a comment-heavy blog is I don't have much spam or trolling to deal with!

So thank you, loyal readers, those who let me know they are there; and those I don't know... who appear to me only as encouraging statistics.  Feel free to say hello below if you want to. I do like getting comments here.

So what can you expect to see on Bibliphilia in its eighth year? More of the same as I have no radical changes of direction planned in my work, my life or this blog.  I'm steering a steady course at the moment.  The finishing touches are going onto my long-awaited gallery website and I hope to launch that soon, together with a freshen up of Bibliophilia's look. But that's about as much online excitement as I can handle at one time.

As for posts, I've got four major works in progress with deadlines in the first half of the year and so there will be plenty of incremental progress photos, and some conceptual musing. I'll probably share about some exhibitions that I visit, research that is stirring me, places I explore.   The second half of my year is a bit of an open book at this stage, but I suspect there will be a little travelling on the horizon as I've got itchy feet that can't be scratched until I've completed the current work programme.

I originally intended to celebrate Bibliophilia's birthday with a list of links to my favourite posts of the last 7 years. But I haven't gotten round to pulling that together.  So there's something else for you to look forward to. If you've been following for a while, is there a favourite post/topic from the past 7 years that you would nominate?


Helen Rickerby said...

Happy birthday Bibliophilia! And may you have many more.

Izzy L said...

Congrats Meliors! That's lots of years!!! I am a sporadic but enthusiastic reader here :D looking forward to more AWESOMENESS in year #8!

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

Happy seventh birthday (and counting) dear Bibliophilia. It's always a pleasure to drop by for a visit, to see your projects taking shape, and to be inspired by your passion for the many human and environmental issues affecting us all. That cake looks scrumptious too!!
Best wishes,


Misha Hoo said...

Congratulations Meliors on 7 years of sharing your adventures, insights and creations! Just one there any cake left???

Tim Jones said...

Bibliophilia is one of my favourite blog, Meliors - I love the way you combine art and politics here - the two always seem to exist on separate if sometimes parallel tracks for me. Your recent posts about the Tui Mine are a great example of how well you do this. Long may Bibliophilia continue!

Carol said...

Congratulations on 7 years of inspirational blogging, Meliors. Best of luck with all your projects. As Tim says, it's wonderful to find your mix of art and politics here.