Tuesday, April 17, 2012


View of Dispersant through the window from the ally. It doesn't photograph well because of the reflections. But its lovely in real life so if you can go, please have a look.

I installed Dispersant at the Outeredge Project at Sanderson Gallery last week and I'm really pleased with how its turned out.  But there is no chance to rest on my laurels or even have a cup of tea and a lie down. I'm running out of time to finish my big black oil spill and my Tui mine in time for their near deadlines, so I'm stitching even more constantly and certainly more frantically than usual.  So, not much blogging over the next little while.

Me on a plinth in the window installing

To keep you entertained click through to read two essays that accompany Dispersant. Fiona P. McDonald, an anthropologist has written a very erudite analysis, and I've got my own essay/artist statement.

Side view by day

Fiona writes: Experiencing Dispersant through the gallery window as though through the optic
lens of a microscope highlights the need for focused— rather than dispersed—accountability and an 
understanding the interconnectedness with unseen environments. This installation offers a new visualization and experience from which to negotiate alternative cosmologies in the aftermath of manmade environmental disasters. 

Side view by night

By the way, Dispersant is for sale, either as a complete work or as individual strands.. Please contact Sanderson Gallery if you are interested.

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Unknown said...

So beautiful but also haunting considering what it represents. Stunning.