Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last glimpse of the back

One of my projects at the moment is tidying up the back of Just a Little Spill. This involves fitting a backing cloth mostly to help bear the weight so that that the hand embroidery at the top is doesn't tear from the pressure of four kilos of blankets hanging below.  As usual I'm quite fond of the back of my work and like to document it before it disappears.    

The other job is blanket stitching a line or two on the back around the whole circumference, to try and keep the wayward black roving in check. My felting is pretty loose on this piece and it has a tendency to shed black fluff from the bits not held down with blanket stitch.

Just a Little Spill is so big (2.5m x1.5m) that its all but impossible for me to work on in my tiny studio.  My friends Bethwyn and Steven are very kindly letting me come round and use their large living room to spread Just a Little Spill out and work on these finishing touches.

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