Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Catering my exhibition opening

Tomorrow 'Just a Little Spill' will open at The Framing Workshop in Hamilton.  The work is long finished, packed and ready to hang. The event invitation on Facebook has a strong response and I've had a couple of local papers show interest.  See Hamilton Press page 11 for my photo and interview.

Just a Little Spill with flowers
For this opening I decided to make some special food using up my garden produce as much as possible.  The menu has become a little OTT so I really hope lots of people come along, and come hungry!

Just one corner of one bed of leafy greens
It started simply enough with my favourite recipe to use up the abundance of silverbeet/spinach/kale/collard and herbs in my garden: feta filo parcels.

Then, when one of my courgettes hid under the leaves and turned into a marrow I made muffins to top with cream cheese icing.  After my New Year's jam making marathon I wanted to use up the storebought jam cluttering up my fridge so jam tarts are the other sweet on the menu.

It turns out that the frozen bowl of an icecream maker is perfect for making pastry in.

When I was given some organic homekill beef I added meatballs with my homemade plum sauce, and roast beef rolled around fresh garden vegetables, including some of my glut of gorgeous green beans

So many beans! Help me eat them!
But what about my vegan friends? Felafel (the only  non-homemade item on the table) and hummus with sourdough flatbreads joined the menu. And just because I love it (and for other dairy eaters) tzatziki with home made yoghurt as well.

The idea was that cooking my produce would be cheaper than buying cheese and crackers, or a platter of sushi to go with the wine.  This way might not have worked out much cheaper in the end, but it will be probably be yummier. If you want to sample some of my home grown, home cooked food (and see some of my textile art) come along to The Framing Workshop, 120 Silverdale Road, Hamilton between 5.30-7.00.

I always had trouble growing sunflowers before, but check out these beauties towering over me.

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