Sunday, January 05, 2014


One year ago this month, in my eighth anniversary post I vowed to blog more, but instead I blogged less. In fact, I haven't posted at all for several months.  What was apparently procrastination has become a deliberate decision to stop blogging, if not forever, then at least for quite a bit longer. So this ninth anniversary post is a formal farewell.

On one hand, putting the blog to sleep relates to my withdrawal from Facebook (to which I had become quite addicted) as well as most other social media sites.  I currently don't feel inclined to share photos or descriptions of my activities on the Orwellian version of the internet that was revealed to us in 2013. Not because I have anything to hide from the governments, but because I don't feel inclined to contribute more than I have to the Big Data that corporations are increasingly using to undermine the environment, human rights and democracy.  Yes, of course my banking, podcast listening, video watching, library borrowing, musical preferences, TimeBank activities, yoga practices, petition signing, online purchases, Google searches and dozens of other activities are feeding into Big Data, but I don't have to share my thoughts and emotions regularly as well.

For the past few years almost no one read this blog who didn't also follow me (and thus links to new posts) on Facebook. Thus it's entirely possible that no one will read this (unlinked to social media) final post. If you are reading: Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

What's filling the gap in my life left by blogging and social media?  Chickens and gardening for food, preserving my harvests,  face to face time with local friends and writing letters on paper to friends and family who are far away.  My creative energies are more focused on solving practical problems like designing and building a chicken coop. I'm committed to developing my nascent carpentry skills, and perhaps this might be another way my art may express in the future.

Right now, my art practice is low key and unexpectedly papery and collaborative. Frugal with the Bruegel, my altered book collaboration with Bethwyn Littler, seems to be taking a new and exciting direction this year: not just books anymore!  And I have added my Adana press and cabinet of lead type to the workshop at Black Fox Press and am excited about working alongside friends typesetting and printing text again.

So that's it, after nine years of Bibliophilia, I'm putting the blog to bed for the foreseeable future. The archives will stay online of course, but there won't be any new posts. So Happy New Year, and Goodnight! xxMeliors

Snoozing chicks at 2 months. They really have that green and mauve disco sheen to their feathers.


ronnie said...

I have been engaged in a small discussion about the future of blogging amongst my fb friends today -- mentioning how the nature of blogging and indeed much of social media has changed over the past short while.... so your post today is timely

good luck with all things chickeny (and arty -- especially book-arty) that you will be getting up to out there in the the real world.... living as I do in a somewhat isolated spot I still find that social media (including blogs) have a purpose in my world - and I'll definitely miss even your intermittent presence

cheers from sams creek

Helen Rickerby said...

Farewell Bibliophilia! I totally understand your decision Meliors, and all the best with your projects!

Helen Rickerby said...

Farewell Bibliophilia! I totally understand your decision Meliors, and all the best with your projects!

Carol said...

Oh, Meliors, I'm very sad to see you go. I'm a pretty hopeless blogger but I'll hang in there for now because I do like to keep up with people like you. And Ronnie. I have enjoyed your adventures for many years now so I wish you all the best with your beautiful chooks, your carpentry, and your art, whichever form it takes. Thanks for your years of lovely posts. Oil be in NZ for the ABC Conference in September. Maybe I'll be travelling your way. Carol xxx

Anonymous said...

I read it!
I'm intrigued to watch you make a decision I'm not ready to make myself yet, but that I very much understand.


Anonymous said...

I have been missing you and will miss you more now! but I totally get it - I have had long stretches off the internet and it's always great.

Happy new year and all the best for a fruitful 2014!

x Helen

Anonymous said...

Hey M
I've gone whole hog and not only deactivated my FB, but withdrawing entirely from anything Google driven and apps on my phone. Initially, techincally, it was a challenge but sooo worth it.
What I would give to hang out with chickens, a cat and some decent dirt!
I'm so proud of you.

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

I'll miss your blog Meliors, but good on you for prioritising the physical world over the virtual. I've been feeling much the same way about blogging lately, so I admire your resolve to close Bibliophilia. My very best wishes to you.

April Braswell said...

Hi Meliors, well, I only just discovered you via FrogBlog. I like how you describe Big Data and will need to read all those hyperlinks you provided.

As a fellow fan of books, I'm going to share with you a word I coined which I hope you will enjoy and find delicious: Bibliovore.

Enjoy your time and relationships connecting with (egads!) live interactive speaking and huggable people, plants, and hens. :-)