Monday, September 22, 2014

My beautiful banner

My appliqued banner is the lead photo in the Element magazine article about the Auckland People's Climate March on Sunday!

Photo: Liz Rawlings

I'm so glad I went on the Auckland march. Just as I thought it would, doing something positive and collective on Sunday has helped me to get over the disappointment and frustration of the Saturday night's  election result. The speakers afterwards each, in their own way, really helped to ground me, inspire me, give me hope, help me understand the election result in a constructive way and otherwise set me on a much happier path. 

 I'm not going to let a third term National government make me passively despair. I feel like the election result is an incentive to be more active in building a resilient community around me, and to be much more visible in opposition to climate-change-inducing activities. 

Today I feel hopeful and uplifted, even though I got a nasty cold from spending hours outside in shitty weather.  I've realised that making beautiful, unique, attention-grabbing banners is something that I can contribute to the climate change movement without any ambivalence (unlike my feelings about participating in almost every other form of activism), and I've started making another banner in anticipation of whatever march/protest will be next.  

My banners are all made of out of upcycled fabric from old clothes or remnants.  The parrot and floral embroideries on the Planet B banner were lifted from unwanted children's clothing.   My banner in-progress is a luxurious combination of velvet and silk applique which I think will really stand out in any gathering.  

Long time blog followers may recognise the appliqued letters made from the lower case Gil sans stencils I've used for appliqueing gauzy curtain projects in the past.  My sewing on these banners is machined and a lot rougher than my meticulous hand stitched art for galleries.  These are designed for long distance viewing and outdoor adventures.