Monday, July 21, 2014

Where are all the letterpress cats?

Inspired by the good times we had at the Hamilton Zinefest, Phil and I have made a new zine which we took up to the Auckland Zinefest last weekend. Our letterpressed zine, all set with moveable type and printed on the big proofing press at Black Fox Press, is called Anti Social Media.

Anti Social Media No. 1
It was a ridiculously rushed job which makes for some pretty rough printing. The limitations of the available type and (inevitable) lack of time were miraculously overcome by the magic of creative collaboration. Neither of us could have, or at least would have, made this on our own. We both contributed content, I chose most of the type and sort of set it, then left my loose arrangement to be finished up and printed by Phil in two passes through the proofing press- hand inking each one! I cut the pages, and we both glued, creased and folded, finishing up late the night before the Auckland Zinefest.

Early the next morning we set off through freezing fog so dense that we got lost getting out of Hamilton! But we arrived in time to claim more than our fair share of available space at the Old Folks Ass in Ponsonby. There we met up with our mutual dear old friend David Merritt, setting up his table of handmade books of original poetry and recycled book covers.  In fact all day long I was reuniting with decades-old friends, as well as new zine and letterpress buddies. As well as being a great social event, we both sold more than enough of our wares to make the trip worthwhile. We drove home in the dark, buzzing with all the connections and inspirations, planning our next zine and plotting our next Zinefest adventure.

Phil ready to welcome people to the Black Fox Press/Bibliophilia table.
Anti Social Media is a limited edition of 36. No more will be printed. Move fast to ensure you don't miss out on one of these rare hand printed, hand made zines. You can buy now on Etsy or contact me directly (email address in the sidebar) or on Black Fox Press' Facebook page.

You have to buy a copy of the zine to see our letterpress cat!
 In other news,  I've adopted a cat, well, a half-grown kitten.  Wallis is enhancing my life greatly with his warm purry companionship.  He's the perfect crafter's cat, because he's not bothered that my lap is usually occupied with a project, but when I do want to stop and have a snuggle with him, he's always available.

Wallis at six months