Meliors Simms with Melt
Meliors Simms
I am a contemporary artist working in two and three dimensions, a radical crafter, a science fiction poet and an old-school blogger.  I live in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Slow stitching
Inherent to my craft-based practice is a slow, incremental and attentive construction which symbolizes the cumulative environmental effects of all our choices and actions. Techniques and materials drawn from the domestic sphere remind us of the far-reaching consequences of our daily activities. I deliberately eschew machine-made or out-sourced processes, and make explicit my own labour-intensive, time-consuming and imperfect practice.

Living in the Anthropocene
The greatest influence on my work at the moment are the environmental sciences particularly as they relate to human influences on environmental change. I am engaged in a long-term project called Living in the Anthropocene, focusing on our own geological age of the Anthropocene; as defined by the visible effects of human activities in future geological records. For the past few years, Living in the Anthropocene has been a way for me to understand and interpret the urgent environmental crises of our time. My responses to the issues raised within this theme are expressed with slow hand-craft techniques and (mostly) repurposed natural materials.

Contact: meliors6(at)gmail (dot)com

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