Monday, January 31, 2005


Sometimes you just know that the scarey big change is exactly the right thing to be doing... especially when the Universe swings in behind the project.

I placed a 'wanted to rent' ad in the Whangarei paper this weekend which sparked about half a dozen calls. The best one is the converted cowshed on the farm by the beach with the horses... and the owner (a performing artist and photographer wishing for an artist tenant!) happens to be driving a truck home from Wellington this weekend and would like to take my stuff up for me!

It may not turn out to be the place I want to live long term but it sounds like a very sweet landing into my new life. I can't wait to get there, unpack my studio and start making books by the big window looking out at the flax.

Another little gift today was being challenged by the defence as I was about to take my seat in the jury box this morning... now I get the rest of the day off to pack.

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