Friday, February 04, 2005

A puzzle

The end of my packing is in sight, I'm done with jury service for this turn and I am leaving town on Sunday so the five books lined up in my brain waiting to be made are starting to jostle impatiently for creation. Yesterday I tried to satisfy the cravings by buying more of the paper I think I'll need but of course that only increased my desire to start making.

The other three bush books to accompany Waipua Forest are my priority because I am making them for a gallery, but they are all at the stage of needing lots of care and time and space, none of which are available to me for bookmaking right now. In contrast, the germ of an idea for a puzzle book is my lowest priority (as I am not clear about who it is for, other than me) and yet because it is so undeveloped it is most suited to my circumstances right now.

So in little spaces around my packing, cleaning, returning borrowed items and collecting money owed, redirecting mail (I had no idea getting rural delivery was such a palaver), saying goodbyes and this morning, rising at 6 to bake cake... I am folding and cutting and playing with what may become a boob book.


rachlovestheweb said...

what is a boob book? it sounds... breasty!!

Meliors said...

It is going to be very breasty.