Thursday, February 17, 2005

Waitawheta Valley: Secret Directions to Magical Places

"Veer left at the hint of an unmarked track by a celery pine"


Scott said...

Just wanted to say "howdy!" and that I really like your blog. Will check out your website soon.

rachlovestheweb said...

That's definitely an easy track to miss!! heh. Hey, how are you doing your photos - did someone sponsor you with a digital camera?? I hope so!! You are the bestest blogger. I feel like I'm still getting to spend regular time with you (of course it's still not quite the same ....)

Meliors said...

I wish someone would sponsor me a digital camera. Not the photos of Pataua North are from a film I just had developed onto cdrom. The Waitawheta pic is from YOUR digital camera Rach, thank you very much.
If I had a digital camera today I would have taken pix of the flock of geese wandering round here. I will just have to write them instead.