Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Here I am, writing in my cowshed in Pataua North on a gloriously sunny Northland summer day to the sound of calves lowing, cicadas buzzing, birds chirping and the chugging of the waterpump that shares the shed with me.

The good news is the internet connection works, there is hot and cold running water, the space is big and full of natural light, there's just enough trees to feed my soul and Vikki, my landlady, is lovely. After a very pleasant walk past cattle, sheep, horses, pukeko and wild turkey I have spent my morning working on the next bush book- Karori.

The bad news is that the cow shed leaks (it rained before I arrived yesterday and there are still puddles all along one wall) and I am afraid it is just too damp here for my paper and books. If we can't fix this problem (and a few other basic issues that only impinge on my comfort rather than my art) I fear I will have to move to somewhere drier before long.

But for now, I am very happy to be here- its a dramatic and welcome contrast to the relative luxury of my recently departed inner-city Wellington home.

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