Friday, February 11, 2005


Yesterday I found my next home, where I will move in a couple of weeks. It is at Purua, about 30k northwest from Whangarei- even more isolated than Pataua where I am now. It is a very dry 1 bedroom flat on a dairy farm with a river and plenty of trees about. There is a lawn where visitors can pitch a tent and a lovely big deck for watching the sun set behind the hills, where kiwi live apparently.

I then spent some time in Whangarei trying to find a good copyshop and art/paper supplies. I found very basic versions of both, but this requires more research.

Returning home, the sky opened up with a tropical deluge. The cowshed has a relatively contained water feature in these conditions, but I decided to try and bail out as much water as I could from the rushing torrent along one wall- about 20 litres from an hour or so of rain! Nothing got wet except the concrete floor and that has dried out already.

Waking late this morning after a mostly sleepless night, and with premenstrual languor upon me, I walked the couple of kilometers to the harbour and spent sometime floating in the silky, limpid water. I did eventually get to work on Karori but then decided it was too hot to start glueing- the adhesive will dry too quickly for me to position the paper properly. So I have been noodling around with various pop-up mechanisms instead.

While feeding the chickens I found an egg and discovered that the sun oven will even cook scrambled eggs (slowly). Yum.


rachlovestheweb said...

Great descriptions... but you need a digital camera so you can post photos of all this!!

Meliors said...

I dream daily of a digital camera... but I need a sponsor to supply one!