Thursday, February 17, 2005

a good licking

Procrastination is a funny thing. The task I have set myself for today is to draw the illustrations for the book I am working on, Waitawheta Valley. I don't think that I am very good at drawing (though people say nice things about my drawing it never looks much like I want it to). However, drawing is not an unpleasant task. You would think it would be more appealing than doing a budget or filling out change of address cards.

But the budget I have procrastinated on for weeks is now done, my change of address cards filled in and half a bag of M&Ms eaten (M&Ms are not my favourite chocolate- chilled care packages of Lindt 70% can be sent to RD 6 Purua- but M&Ms have the advantage of NOT MELTING on the way home from the supermarket).

I have managed to do about half of the drawings I need but almost everything else around here is more attractive to me today. Every strange farm sound must be checked out, a craving for peaches fulfilled with a walk to the orchard, my swimming suit rescued from being licked by a cow (I mustn't have rinsed the salt out well enough- and it turns out that cows' tongues are dirty!).

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