Monday, March 21, 2005

Heavens open

Wow! this afternoon I put out some rice in the sun oven (that's how hot it is) and drove into town to print 3 books I'm working on. On my way home the first news item on National Radio was the fog in Wellington and I may have had a wee moment of smugness about how sunny it is here. That was before I turned into the road home and the rain started to dump down... instant mudpuddles on the dirt road. But the most amazing thing was shortly after I got home (soaked in the two metres between car and front door). I looked out the window at our little valley and saw a lightning fork come down to the pasture inside the hills, followed very shortly by a long lound peal of thunder.

Or is it more amazing that the cows simply continue to graze, apparently unphased by this extreme weather?

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