Thursday, March 03, 2005


Eating toast on the deck, watching my landlady move cattle around the farm... they make a lot of noise, those pregnant cows... not so much mooing or lowing as bellowing and groaning. They started up with the cowtalk when she moved the calves to the paddock next door to the cows-I thought maybe they were the joyful greetings of long lost kin. Then as the big beasts filed past the orchard they kvetched and grizzled, assembling outside my house, they leaned over the gate to get a good look at my place, and one in particular met my eye as it stretched its neck in a forceful cry. Eventually they carried on up the race and round the hill to chew down a paddock so overgrown that when I walked through it a couple of days ago the grass was chest high. Apparently there is some concern that they might get the wobbles from eating the seed heads.

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