Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Outre Dunedin

Finally the heady social whirl of Dunedin calms enough to give me time to crack open the laptop and delete a slew of spam and remember my blogging duties. It's been back to back wine'n'dine reunions punctuated with a wedding, art gallery crawls, beach walks and occasionally collapsing in a deck chair to absorb some rare sunshine.

But not quite all fun and games: I've also been flashing samples of my work around town to satisfactory effect. A wonderful gallery called Outre on Great King Street (right beside the University Book Shop) is now stocking a very wide selection of book objects from my ouvre. As well as perennial favourites like Karori Sanctuary: Interleaving and The Optimistic Heart there are one-off's such as Taranaki-in-a-Box and the Disengagement Ring. I'm very pleased to have my books at Outre because I love the shop which stocks 100% New Zealand originals including clothing, jewellery, ceramics, wall art and dolls.

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Jane in Dunedin said...

Great to be able to point people in a local direction to buy your stuff!