Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dreamt Vessels

My soul's journey has dragged me through a sticky black swamp this week. Among the many wonderful ways that I have been embraced back onto a path of hope and happiness was beginning to reread Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul. The last two nights I have read a few pages before sleep, and decided/asked to dream about specific aspects of my life that I have always struggled with.

The first night I dreamt almost all night long about papier mache vessels, sort of like old fashioned tea cups but without the handles, lots of them in a sense of almost industrial mass production. And just before morning I dreamed about harvesting herbs to take on a journey, escaping a nuclear war.

The second night I dreamt almost all night long about papier mache vessels, slender, delicate and oddly shaped, with flowers and grass in them or on them. And just before morning I dreamt I was cleaning up a big warehouse which was filled with my trash.

So today I made a mould to cast delicate slender vessels onto. It's not one of the kinds of shapes that has been covered in my 3D art class so I just made up the technique by filling a tin can with clay and carving out a hollow and filling it with plaster. When I took the plaster out it looked rather like a short fat dildo which amused me greatly, but I soon carved it into the much more feminine shape of my dreams.

I also went to the local Sunday flea market to look for a suitable tea cup. The first thing I saw when I walked in was a sugar bowl almost the right shape but the woman selling it was so viciously abusing her neighbouring stallholder that I walked away to check out the rest of the market. No one else had anything remotely appropriate but when I came back to the first table, the nasty woman wanted too much money for something that was only 'almost' the right shape. So the search will continue. (This is a typical example of me attempting to shop. I'm useless at buying things other than food, which I am far too good at).

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