Friday, March 31, 2006

Edible Book Practice

Here's the first draft of my edible book for April's International Edible Book Festival. It's (supposed to be) an open book of Mexican art, and the double spread on top is a desert landscape. On the edges of the other pages you glimpse hints of adobe, Aztec and Frida Kahlo art. Or so I like to think.

It's made out of wheat tortillas, decorated with refried beans, hummus, cheese and assorted veges. After I took the photo I put in the oven, and it didn't even look to bad once the cheesy sky had melted onto the tray. And it was yummy! Which is lucky because it was dinner that night.

I'm planning some alterations for the final edition to be presented at the Kapiti Book Arts group Edible Book tea party next week, so it will look and taste a bit different then.

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Jane said...

YUM! Eating your own creation, taking it back into yourself to further nourish you....a wonderful symbol of replenishing body and creativity!
ps work email is again It has been 4.5 days since i started. Wonderful environment up here in the Art Gallery. Very soothing!