Tuesday, April 25, 2006


First birth day

I woke at midnight

to stumble under moon and comet,

stars blistering the sky,

belly swollen full with you

bursting to get out today.

Our journeys that morning

were in a darkness so bright and clear

that pain was transformed

and you were born into the light

on a wave of bliss.


Every year you grew more defined,

emerging from the fog of babyhood

and the battles of childhood

with determination and joie de vivre;

with a talent for being loved

and constancy in your loving.

This birthday

Since you first woke me to welcome the dawn

you have taught me how to love well,

and now my heart cannot contain my delight.

The universe would have to explode into symphonies

with quivering supernovas of dancing spacegypsies

splattering honey across galaxies

under infinite rainbows of gold and indigo

lighting up black holes

in glorious commemoration

of all I feel for you.

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