Thursday, April 20, 2006


The answer to the cryptic clue which is the title of a book I described in the post before last is rebelled. You remember, the clue was Pretty Girl in Crimson Rose (8).
Pretty Girl = belle
Crimson Rose = red
Put BELLE into red and you get reBELLEd

Since the cryptic crossword post prompted more comments than anything else I've written for a while, I assume that you guys are interested in this subject. So, let me tell you about this clue I just worked out: Beserk now. All right following morning (4)
All right=OK
OK following AM is AMOK which means beserk.
Cool huh?

Here's an one for you from the same David Tossman crossword in a December Listener:
Make hardier variety of carrot top (3,4)
Hint: 'variety' is an anagram indicator

I glimpsed a Guardian with crossword at a friend's house this morning and I recognised Janus as one of the clue setters written about in Pretty Girl and felt a flash of the feeling that I get when I see a book/record/movie that I've read a good review about. We were doing yoga at the time so I didn't ask then if I could have her paper when she's finished with it and later I forgot, but if you are reading this Jo (though I'm pretty sure you don't), can I have your old Guardian please?

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