Friday, January 19, 2007

New Bo*bs at last!

Back by popular demand!

Always good for a giggle, the Bo*b Book
has been out of stock for ages because I had misplaced the master copy and couldn't make any more once they sold out.

But, somehow in the orgy of sorting and packing that has characterised my summer thus far, the necessary bits rose to the surface of swirling cauldron that is my life right now. So, just as soon as I could park myself at a clean table for a few uninterrupted hours I started making more Bo*bs.

For new readers unfamiliar with this book of mine read here for more a detailed description.
Loyal readers will remember this playful, toylike celebration of breasts, and its even more educational brother, C*ck Book. Both are available at Tuatara on Bank St in Whangarei or at a special blog-reader's price of only NZ$25 inc p&p if you order contact me directly.

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