Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Spent Packing

The theme for my 2006-07 summer is packing, which I have been doing pretty much continuously for the past month. At Hukeranui, at work, at Te Horo... for moving, for storage, for travelling, for constantly evolving situations that are keeping me on my toes. Frankly the packing part is getting a little old but no doubt there is some important karmic lesson in all this that will come clear in retrospect, once I finally achieve my ultimate goal of staying in one place for good, or at least years, with all my things there with me (not in boxes scattered hither and yon).

I recently did my annual tarot reading for the coming year. The card in the signifier position (where I'm at right now) was 4 Stones (pentacles) which Carol Bridges summarises as 'basic survival'. "Oh yeah!" I wrote in my journal when I saw it. At this time I'm looking after all my needs very adequately and am making satisfactory progress towards achieving my various goals but I'm not putting much energy into everything else including blogging, emailing, telephoning etc.

It looks like I will be a bit more settled, and at least partially unpacked, by late February but until then I suggest you maintain low expectations of Bibliophilia (and other forms of communication from me). Readers inclined to worrying about my well-being (I know who you are!), please don't. I am happy and well and having fun being agile.


Jane in Dunedin said...

Kia Kaha my friend - having just shifted to my new impermanent rental accommodation I can so relate! We will be here at least a year. I am a bit worried because having left my home with nothing last April I seem to have acccumulated an awful lot of "stuff" over 8 months. I too am longing for a more permanent place but who knows what this year may bring......must do my own tarot reading soon. New address is 27 Whitby Street, Mornington, Dunedin just in case you need to know!

E said...

Hey Sweetness
Happy New Year.
It was fantastic to catch up with you and have a wonderful windblown stroll along the beach.
Thanks for the heads up and be sure to let us know when communication is back on the agenda...