Thursday, August 09, 2007

Big Storm Series

This week I am sending books away to two different book arts exhibitions: one in Noosa, Queensland and the other starting in Auckland and touring to Dunedin. Amongst the books for exhibition are these three (above) of the Big Storm series. Big Storm, Broken Window and the one I haven't posted on here before: The Mandala of Non-Attachment.

This is the Mandala of Non-Attachment (above). I cut out water drop shapes from the Love Falls prints and collaged them into a mandala on a Turkish Map Fold. The image first came to me as a kind of exploding chrysanthemum and then developed into a much more watery theme in keeping with my rain-drenched challenges of the past couple of months. Part of me wonders if working with this image hasn't invited rain more intimately into my life than I might otherwise have encountered.

Else, a friend at Te Kowhai Print Trust, has also been working with mandalas over this period, and as she said to me one day, the spiritual power of the mandala is experienced more in the making than in the viewing. But nonetheless, it's a pleasing book, in an edition of three, one available for sale at the moment, POA.

Beautiful photographs thanks to Marguerite Kent.

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