Monday, August 06, 2007

Magnolia of the Year Nominations Open

Yes dear readers, magnolia season is upon us, at least in the northern North Island of New Zealand. And that means it's time for the second annual Bibliophilia Magnolia of the Year Awards. The criteria for the winning tree remains arbitrary and opaque, though hints about the judge's personal taste (mine) may be discovered in past magnolia-themed posts here and here and here.

This is the first year that I am organised enough to accept nominations for Magnolia of the Year from Bibliophilia readers. You may email me SMALL photographs* of your favourite magnolia tree. The tree must be in a public place or visible from a public place. The photo must be taken this year. Nominations will stay open until my sources in Dunedin tell me that South Island magnolias have run their course, which gives you at least month or two of magnolia appreciation!

Please include location information so that the tree's remarkableness can be confirmed by independent sources.The winning tree will featured on this blog, and the person who nominates it will receive a handmade limited edition artist's book, so make sure you include your contact details so I can send you the prize if your tree wins.

* Photographs of a very small size please-I am on dialup and large photos will be automatically disqualified for being annoying to download. And to inspire you, here is a terrible photo of a kitsch painting of a nice sprig of magnolia blossoms, found over the toilet in friend's house.


Jane in Dunedin said...

Wonder if that lovely old Magnolia in the lower "back doo" grounds of Hamilton East Medical Centre, Von Tempsky Street is still alive and flowering. It was pretty gorgeous. Not sure if you remember...

Jane said...

I mean "back door" of course

Anonymous said...

You're on
That is
When my phone comes back from the Doctor ;-(