Sunday, November 04, 2007

Mobius Dream

After staying up far too late to write the previous post I spent much of the night tossing and turning in a disturbing half-dream in which the mobius book would not fit into its box: one of them was kinked and I had (typically) done my maths wrong.

It was like a persistently unsolvable cryptic crossword clue. I thought I was awake, yet my kinky mobius problem seemed compelling and implacable as only a dream can be. The boundaries between sleep and wake were as elided as the surfaces of a mobius page.

I finally convinced myself it was not something I could solve in the night, and sunk into a peaceful sleep, ruefully remembering the dream this morning when I woke properly.

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Conrad said...

Hi Sweetie,

By weird coincidence my friend Tam lives in the downstairs flat at number 29.

Consequently I have some mail for you! What's you postal addy?

I'm going to go and read your blog now.

(conrad/ at/> darnoc/