Monday, November 19, 2007


The opening of Domestic Pilgrimage was delightful. The weather was glorious and the outdoor setting for the food and wine part of it was beautiful. We put the finishing touches in the gallery minutes before people started to arrive, and I felt that everything was perfect, so could relax with my family.

The food, which my parents made with help from E, Louise and Liz, was a work of art in itself.

Lots of people came and said lots of lovely things about my work. They tended to spend quite a long time in the gallery which mostly had a hushed atmosphere, before coming out into the hot sunshine to socialise.

This is what is next for me, but I will also post more about the show soon.

Thanks Liz for these lovely photos, and for all your advice and encouragement over the past months of preparing for the opening.


Anonymous said...

What fantastic images - they really do capture the mood of the day and the exhibition itself.
Looking forward to insights etc being posted in coming weeks.
Also moved to read about Brad's visit...

laura said...

having recieved the photos only of the exhibit, I am moved to the core by their power and beauty.. and their meaning. I can only imagine what it must be like to actually come upon one single space sculpture, or to be surrounded by all of them so present and so open. wow. how long will the exhibit be open. where is the gallery. I want to send friends, all buddhists or rinpoches, to experience. from printed word to art like prayer flags. all my love, aunt laura