Friday, March 07, 2008

Garden Discovery Tour

I finished printing the back of the bookmarks today. I had done all the composing last weekend so I just had to fiddle about with make-ready and then pull my prints. It was quick and easy and so were all the other little jobs on my to-do list, so after lunch I walked over the hill to the Quarry Gardens where they are having a Garden Sculpture exhibition. It was hot and sunny so I paid particular attention to those sculptures sitting in the shady spots. But there was lots of good and interesting and diverse art to enjoy. It was a great place to play with a new camera.
Because I came over the back way I missed out on picking up a catalogue before I looked at everything, so I can't tell you who made the works in these photos. I don't know who curated, I suspect more than one person since some of the works were placed with exquisite sensitivity and others plonked down in places that did them no favours at all.

The exhibition is on all weekend, so if you are in Whangarei I highly recommend a look. Also, on Sunday there is a art and craft market at the Quarry Arts Centre and I will be selling books and prints and a few other bits and pieces. See you there!

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