Monday, March 31, 2008

Two old exhibitions

I was just sorting through some old photos and I found this one which I meant to post at the time of my exhibition, Domestic Pilgrimage, but it never happened. This is what the lantern book, Sky in the City, looked like at dusk, from outside the Yvonne Rust Gallery looking in.

(This was taken on my cellphone, not my lovely new Lumix, but I still think it's pretty despite the blur.)
* * *
Also, while noodling around on the net I stumbled onto this great set of photos by Jay Dee Dearness of an artist's book exhibition in Noosa, Queensland, last year (one of my books, Big Storm, was in it). Books 07: Works of Imagination: The search for the impossible. I didn't make it to Noosa for the exhibition last year (though I will be in Noosa in a couple of weeks) so it was a lovely treat to see the photos. Seeing the work of other book artist's inspires me more than almost anything else, and right from the start my main exposure to other artists' books has been via web photos.

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Jay Dee said...

Hi Meliors, thanks for your kind comment on the photo of your book 'Big Storm' that I took last year at Books'07. Would have got in touch sooner but am currently on holidays overseas and just checked in on flickr to find it there. I noticed that you are heading up to Queensland. If you are heading to Brisbane, let me know if you would like to catch up as I am a local:) Best wishes, Jay Dee.