Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Window and Chair

Wwoofing at Rainforest Hideaway usually means cleaning several bathrooms a day and yesterday meant helping to clean out the grease trap (yuck!) and sometimes involves not-very onerous tasks such as painting this window.
The window was a joint effort between Rob and I. It's done with special glass and fake leadlight paints. We left some of the window blank in our rainforest scene so that the real rainforest outside the window becomes part of the picture too.
On a sunny morning, at least in mid-winter, when the low sun angles in the right way, it casts jewels of light onto the staircase leading to where I sleep. The living room at the bottom of the stairs is a work in progress towards our goal of lighting the fire one cool evening and sipping port in front of the flickering flames.

Rob would like to have us all seated in furniture handmade from gnarled tree roots. He's made a start with this chair which, when viewed from the dining deck (up a different set of stairs) looks very much like an Ent escaped from Lord of the Rings. It took five guys to wrestle the Ent in from the pathway it was blocking during the sculpting process. The ratio of seat space to room occupancy is not terribly efficient (this is a chair which favours very narrow bottoms yet requires a whole corner of head space), but it has such character!

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Carol said...

Oh, the window is glorious! I hope you are having as good a time as it seems from your posts and photos. Though you have my sympathy over the grease trap, Ive done that in my time and yuck is the word for it. Arrived home from NZ yesterday, had a wonderful time of course but didn't get to do all the Auckland things because Sheila broke her ankle just before I arrived and we had a very quiet bookish visit instead. Saw a lot of ABC folk, went to the AGM - I only manage about 1 per decade - and did a cross structure workshop with Elizabeth Steiner. But the weather was horrendous last week and you're lucky you're in northern Australia instead.