Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Fourth Anniversary Bibliophilia!

Bibliophilia is 4 years old today! This is the 586th post I have published here. These days the posts aren't always so frequent, but at least they are much better illustrated than they were back in 2005.

For the past year or so Bibliophilia has averaged 170-180 hits per week which doesn't break any internet records, but is enough for me to keep going, knowing that there's folks out there who are interested in what I have to say. All the loyal readers, especially those who post comments or otherwise let me know they are following, make the effort worthwhile. Without you all, I may as well be still be doodling in my diary.

In the past four years I have blogged from homes in five regions in two countries (including seven housesits, six wwoofing gigs and a few rented rooms). Tomorrow I fly home from Australia to New Zealand. I'm not sure how long I'll be there or what I'll be doing once the first few weeks of plans run their course. I do know my internet access is going to be much less reliable over the next month at least, so there might not be so many posts. But I will eventually sort that out, I promise and be back to my normal, variable level of broadcasts.

Meanwhile, if you miss me, you can check out the other blogs I contribute to: Nourish Us, a family recipe blog, in which my quirky extended family reveals the secrets of our sweet rolls and chicken casseroles; and Response, a brand new blog to accompany a new collaborative book project (for which potential contributors are invited to contact me if interested).


Carol said...

Safe travels, happy home coming, farewell and sorry I didn't get to see you. I've enjoyed your family recipe blog, especially the stories that go with each recipe. Still to look at Response...

Kakariki said...

Yay Happy Blog Birthday! And hope you're travelling well. See you over the ditch.