Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Summer Reading

The whole time I was in Australia, I was frustrated about books. When I could find something to read, it was rarely exactly what I wanted to be reading. When I did get a really good book it was over all too quickly (there are disadvantages to being a speed reader) and then I was once again faced with my book drought.

Returning to New Zealand is a chance to dive into a pool of satisfying and stimulating reading. Firstly, a stay with my friend and sister bibliophile, Jo, netted me a small stack of books to borrow. Then a visit to my storage unit allowed me to access a few of the most useful and missed volumes in my personal library. And finally, arriving in Whangarei allows me access to the excellent public library here including its fine science fiction collection.

So, like a starving person at an-all-you-can-eat buffet I have loaded my plate and am circulating my attention between several books I'm actively reading, while looking forward to some treats to come.

January's reading list:

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Anonymous said...

time to send you my recent and repeat favs list, Justina Robson's quantm gravity series (waiting eagerly for the new third one from the Library) love, love, love, these punkish fairytales. I really enjoyed Juliet Marilier's books Im a sucker for pagen backgrounds. Currently The Steerswoman's roads by Rosemary Kirstein is a well written tale. hope you find someting here you like because I have enjoyed the Miles books on your recommenation xxx Sharkey