Sunday, March 01, 2009

Win a Cute Book! Share more happiness!

Coptic binding practice

I've been making lots of books lately, which is ironic since not long ago I posted here about the apparent eclipse of my book creativity by textile inspiration. But as I'm going to be teaching some How-To Make Books evening classes at Arts Post next semester, I've been playing around with figuring what kinds of books to teach, and how to teach them. That means making all sorts of model books, mostly out of found papers. I scour op shops and sale bins for notepads, scrounge scrap paper off anyone I can and use cereal boxes and game boards for covers. The combination of less-than-perfect materials, and making-as-practice process, means these models are too flawed to try and sell on Etsy.

Yet two of the models to emerge from this exercise are quite delicious, with green coptic bindings on open spines. I've decided to offer one of them (winner's choice) as the prize in the March Give Away.

You can choose between the Yogi Bear A6 notebook with pale green and white pages and strawberries inside the cover boards:

Yogi Bear and Boo Boo Book

Or, the Pure Strawberry mini notebook, about the size of last year's cellphone, covered in strawberry printed Italian paper with intensely pink/orange/red pages:

Pure Strawberry

So, having whetted your appetite, how can you get your hands on one these yummy creations? All I want is for you to tell me the names of at least three of the songs that make you happy when you hear them. (Let me know the name of their singers too). Use the comments link at the end of this post and make sure you enter before midday, 10 March (NZ time). Please note that to be eligible for the draw, you have to name three (or more) of your happy songs, and simply commenting on this post will not qualify you to win.

Entries to the February give away led to a fantastic list of reader's favourite ways of getting in touch with their happiness. Your enthusiasm for the topic encouraged me to finally tackle another project I've been wanting to do for ages. I'm making a zine called Happy Bus, all about happiness. I'd like the zine to be able to include some of the comments you've sent in for both give aways (this one and February's). If you don't want me to reprint your comment in the zine, then please just let me know.
Inside Pure Strawberry

I'll be posting more about Happy Bus as it speeds towards publication, but for now, please send in your personal DJ Happy playlist

Inside Yogi Bear


Ngaio said...

Lovely books Melliors, will you teach me and i`ll give you honey !! My happy songs are
* `Que sera sera What will be ,will be` - Doris Day, cause it reminds me of my childhood in the `50s
* `I am Woman hear me Roar`by Helen Reddy, cause I`m instantly back in the `70s
*`Hine e Hine` by Kiri Te Kanawa. cause she has the most pure voice and she is singing about a child.

Kay said...

The books are so beautiful! I arrived here through Philippa's site ( who was celebrant for my son's wedding in January this year.)
I always feel happy when I hear Cliff Richard singing 'Summer Holiday'; because it brings back happy childhood memories; The Beach Boys singing 'Good Vibrations' because it brings back that 13-year old feeling of being on the brink of something good (independence maybe?) and 'A Case of You' by Joni Mitchell because I've learnt the words and can sing along!

Andi said...

I love that Yogi book, the strawberry too, but there's something about a pickanic basket. :)
"All Star" by Smash Mouth
"Let's Go Crazy" by Prince
"Groove is in the Heart" by DeeLite

Kimberly Kay said...

Ok here are my songs. This is difficult - too many songs to really narrow it down...but these are a few of the sure-fire make me happy songs I love.

"You're my best friend" Queen (this is Ella and my song)
"Come on! Feel the Illinoise!" Sufjan Stevens (this is my favorite song about Chicago)
"Fresh Feeling" Eels (this makes me think of early summertime)

Anonymous said...

What scrummy books!

I have to think about the songs then........

Come Together - Beatles (Joe Cocker)

I want to Break Free - Queen

La Goualante de Pauvre Jean - Edith Piaf (Poor People of Paris)

I hope you listen to these videos and they make you smile too.