Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fifteen minutes

My work, Soul of the Seal, is featured on In Leaf, a very stylie blog by Lotta Helleberg, an Etsy textile artist.

She does leaf printing from nature, which is a technique I love, using non toxic dyes etc.

Adding another few seconds to my lifetime allocation of fame is an article in the Hamilton Press, a local free weekly paper, about chalk poems. Since the chalk was all washed away within a couple of days of intermittant showers, the photo at least proves that it was there!

As usual, when I am featured in the newspaper, I feel too embarrassed to leave the house for a while. But I will anyway because tonight we are going to see my friend's production of The Taming of the Shrew at the Gardens as part of the same festival as my chalk poems.

There's something magical about Shakespeare in the open air. I still remember a wonderous production by the same company of my favourite Shakespearean play, Twelfth Night. I have seen many versions of Twelfth Night but nothing beats seeing it out among the trees, under a starry night sky.


Ngaio said...

I saw what was left of your poetry, just a smidgen along the camellia walk, but, I saw some ! My daughter and I went to Shakespear last night, brillient as always but freezing cold, take plenty of warm gear, I didn`t and I froze from top to toe. You are right, there is something very special about sitting on the grass, under the stars, wishing the ducks would go to sleep and enjoying the Bard.That `Slip of the Tongue`are a fantastic group of actors - so clever.

rachlovestheweb said...

You famous!

Speaking of Shakespear, we've finally launched our "shifting thinking" website/blogsite! And there's already a bunch of connections here to Shakespeare. See the tagcloud on the home page:

(you'll recognise one as a reincarnation from my personal blog)


Lou said...

Mumma I remember that production of the Twelfth Night, it was my first 'full length' Shakespeare and it was amazing! The big lawn at the Hamilton Gardens is still the best spot for outdoor theatre that I've been to. (Is it the rhododendron lawn? I can't remember the name).