Monday, February 16, 2009

Today's Post Brought to You by Winnie

Back when I was living in the rainforest, my friend Misha Hoo, told me about an exercise for summoning your inner resources. It involved visualising 'Self-Healer', 'Self-Nurturer', 'Trust', 'Forgiveness', 'Intuition' etc as images or characters and communicating with them. When I tried this on myself, my Intuition appeared in the form of a little toy horse, similar in shape to the horse in Science of Sleep, but more colourful.

Soon after the little horse of intuition made itself at home in my imagination I had a substantial sale on Etsy, found my PayPal account flush with US dollars and decided I wanted the horse to exist in the real world, not just my imagination.

I've been following Gretel's lovely blog, Middle of Nowhere, for a year or two, enjoying her stories and photos of rural life in England and admiring the distinctive needle felt animals that she makes. So when my idea of manifesting my intuitive little horse co-incided with the financial means to achieve it, of course I asked Gretel to work her magic on my intuition.

Despite being very busy, she agreed to add me to the end of her long waiting list. Some months later, she sent me a sketch and after a little negotiation about hooves, began to make him. Gretel was great at providing me with progress updates, so I knew that my little horse was challenging from the start. It was fascinating, but a little sickening to see the photos of the mane-making process, a bit like watching a gorey hospital drama, but knowing it's your soon-to-be-adopted baby being sliced and diced. I appreciate him all the more so for knowing how much labour went into his creation.

And now Winnie is here! And he such a perfect wee dapper, darling thing. Every detail is exquisite. Everytime I look at him I feel happy and pleased. And he has a twinkle in his little glass eye as he watches me. Like any proud mother I've enjoyed my sense of naches* as I've read the admiring comments about him on Gretel's blog. And can boast that Winnie is already a minor internet celebrity, having been featured on another blog called Cuteable.

I almost cried when I found the wee heart on the base of his hoof.

*Naches means sense of pride in other's achievements.


PG said...

LOL! 'A little negotiation about hooves' - are you sure you aren't a Brit? That was very tactfully put! How lovely to see him actually with you, and thank you very much for the kind words. Hands (or indeed, hooves) across the ocean doesn't even begin to describe it.

Jane in Dunedin said...

Oh everything about Winnie is just perfect and gorgeous - love the hoof heart!

Jane in Dunedin said...

19/2/09 - My box of goodies has arrived safe and sound - thank you, thank you! I have pinned the "dishes" extract on the wall by my computer at work - your bibliophilia card with finger at it attached nearby! I have also taken the cute little woollen "pottery" vessel to work to sit on my desk to cheer me during my sometimes dreary work day. The smaller notebook is in my purse ready for any musings or Notes to Self opportunities. The bigger notebook sits next to the woolly "pot" for now so i can look at it and just enjoy.

PS Have now had a good look at Middle of Nowhere - where everything is magical and wonderful! I think I have a huge case of Winnie-envy.