Friday, February 13, 2009

Watching paste dry (and last chance to win!)

It's 100% humidity here in Hamilton. Ah, humidity, the bane of a book artist's life. Most of the stress of the past ten days of making these 25 little books has been related to waiting for paper to dry, either from painting or pasting.

Today is the deadline for mailing off the finished edition and I was getting a little worried that the books just wouldn't be dry enough to send in time (uncontrolled drying in transit could warp them). I mentioned this problem to my new housemate and she said she had an old dehumidifier* in the garage I could use if I could get it to work. It turned out to be easy to fix with toothpicks and cellotape so I installed the humming machine in a closet with the drying edition of little books and left it to run over night.

Soon I will pack them up and post them off to America, but I wanted to write a quick post and remind you all that today is your last chance to enter my first giveaway! Answer the skill question (three things that make you happy) in the comments section and go in the draw to win a surprise package of goodies handcrafted by me, including two blank books and a fabric vessel.

The draw will take place tomorrow, Saturday 14 February (NZ time) and the winner, and uber-list of happiness announced later in the weekend!

* I still chuckle when I remember a German housemate years ago who mispronounced this word as dehumaniser.


Anonymous said...

Phew, the humidity has been getting to me too! It even steamed open a letter in my letter box -- quite amazing really.

PG said...

Don't want to appear greedy after your recent commission, but I am still going to enter! :)